TIPS TO A SAFE & HEALTHY TIFFIN BOXESProf. Atul DeshpandeWith the 2020-2021 school year approaching, many parents are preparing for changes to their routine. Many students may be returning to school for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began and others may be distance learning. Don’t let food borne illness – commonly called food poisoning – keep your child from learning. Take the time to plan and prepare your children’s lunch meals safely.While children rely on teachers for daily lessons, the task of making safe lunches falls squarely on caregivers. Unlike cafeteria workers who take food safety training on a regular basis, most parents preparing lunch for their kids at home, or to take to school, haven’t received any formal food safety instruction. Nutrition counts, too. The lunch you’re making not only satisfies hunger pangs of busy kids, it fuels their cognitive abilities. Studies have shown that proper nutrition improves students’ scores, memory capacities, motor skil…

Home Bartending: Tips to become Home Bartender

Home Bartending: Tips to become Home BartenderProf. Chetan Mungantiwar

With no immediate prospect of a visit to the neighbourhood bar, Restaurant, & Hotel everyone from Bollywood Celebrity to Hollywood Celebrity like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has taken to home bartending these days.While there are many great resources out there right now for the budding home bartender, to celebrate the time at home. I thought I would give you a run-down of the essentials of home bartending.1.PreparationA little time put into preparation makes for an enjoyable evening. Drinking cocktails should be a fun and relaxing experience, so take a while to think about ingredients in advance, to avoid any rushing around last minute.2.SimpleSyrupOne of the foundations of many cocktails is sugar syrup. This can be prepared in advance. Here’s mytip for easy to prepare simple syrup:1.Add 200 gm white sugar to 200 ml boilingwater.2.Stir till sugar is dissolved, and liquid isclear.3.Allow to cool then bottle & r…


Prof. Ulhas Chaudhari
The popularity and improvement of the old-fashioned retouching sciences similarly as undeniable shows of treatment that are directly making clinical the movement business in India as one of the most preferred the movement business choice over the world should be inspected with the rising business setting of specialization and customization the entire path over the development and the movement business in the past relatively few decades. The development and the movement business part is practically getting one of the most creating division on earth following the customization drive and focus on specialization the entire path over the business. The movement business isn't, now essentially visiting and traveling and it is ending up being progressively more based on the specialization according to the customer choice, essential, journeying deme…

Top 10 Hotel Management Software in India

Top 10 Hotel Management Software in India
Micros Fedelio offers a plethora of software services with their product that includes administration, marketing and technical support. An all in one HMS is all a hotel needs to run its business.To get started off with any kind of hotel, large or small, manual data entry can be a pain especially if you are in the field for quite some time. Hotel management includes room booking, house keeping, customer data management and much more. Taking Hotel Management online takes weight off your shoulders by automating all operations through software.

There are multiple hotel management software companies in India,the top 10 narrowed down:1.MICROS - Oracle System